Summer Guide 2023

Adult/Adult Leagues Lifeguard Training 15-50 years Want to become a licensed lifeguard? Learn the necessary skills that allow you to become a licensed lifeguard. Training and licensure are through SGE. Requirements: Swim continuously 200 meters, retrieve a 10 lb. diving brick from 10 ft. of water, tread water for 1 minute with no hands. Participants must attend ALL scheduled classes. The Dundee Township Park District will recruit lifeguards for employment from these classes. We are always looking for professional employees. Note: Taking this class does not guarantee employment. 16 years & older Are you still wondering about all the features of your newly purchased digital camera or iPhone? This class will teach you digital camera basics, including pictures as pixels, memory, resolution, choosing your digital camera and exposure control. Soon you will be taking photos digitally and emailing them to friends and family as well as creating beautiful memories to come. Participants must bring a digital camera with media card or camera phone. Contractual 34210-00 Aug. 4-18 F/6:00-8:00 pm $90(R)/$110(NR) RORC Photographing Butterflies & Birds 16 years & older In this class we will go over the function of the camera to give you the best results for photographing butterflies and birds. We will go out into the field to work on the techniques. Join our class to get hands on instruction and practice. Please bring your camera to class with the lenses you own. Contractual 34211-00 July 3-17 M/6:00-8:00 pm $90(R)/$110(NR) RORC Adult Ballet 16 years & older This class is good for the beginner through the experienced dancer. Dancers can work at their own pace. Come for fun! Come for exercise! 34323-00 June 5-July 17* M/7:00-8:00 pm $62(R)/$77(NR) RA *No Class: 7/3 Spanish for Adults 18 years & older Have you always wanted to learn a foreign language, but never had the opportunity? Now is the perfect time! Stay connected and learn Spanish from the safety and comfort of your own home via the interactive Zoom platform. In this class you will learn conversational Spanish that you can immediately begin using. The class will be tailored to the needs of the students enrolled. Taught live by a Language in Action, Inc. instructor. Zoom Login in formation will be emailed to participants before the first class. Contractual 34271-00 June 14-July 5 W/6:00-7:00 pm $66(R)/$86(NR) Virtual 34271-01 July 12-Aug. 2 W/6:00-7:00 pm $66(R)/$86(NR) Virtual 34271-02 Aug. 9-30 W/6:00-7:00 pm $66(R)/$86(NR) Virtual Program # Date Day/Time Fee Location 36799-01 May 30-June 2 Tu,W/10:00 am-12:30 pm Th,F/10:00 am-5:00 pm $80 SH Compact Digital Camera & Camera Phone Photography

Adult Tap 18 years & older This tap class goes deeper into the detail of footwork and rhythm combinations while still focusing on the technique behind the work. Participants will learn routines in a fun atmosphere. 34326-00 May 16-June 27 Tu/11:00-11:50 am $21(R)/$21(NR) RA 34326-01 July 11-Aug. 22 Tu/11:00-11:50 am $21(R)/$21(NR) RA Horsemanship for Adults 18 years & older Join in the fun at Dunham Woods Farm with beginning riding lessons! Dunham Woods Farm is a superior equestrian facility dedicated to providing the best lesson and horse care instruc tion available for over 50 years. Our teachings are based on tradition and looking to the future. You’ll learn all about the proper ways to groom, tack, and handle horses. In the saddle, you will learn the basics of riding at the walk and trot. Lessons will be held in our indoor arena during inclement weather. The first day of class is orientation and groundwork. Riders should wear jeans or Jodhpurs pants and hard-soled riding or hiking boots with a small, low heel. Bring an approved riding helmet or bicycle helmet. Make up class held at the end of the six weeks. Contractual 34231-00 May 31-July 5 W/7:00-8:00 pm $198(R)/$218(NR) DWF 34231-01 Aug. 23-Sept. 27 W/7:00-8:00 pm $198(R)/$218(NR) DWF Mens Basketball League 18 years & older Teams will play a 10 game regular season followed by a single elimination postseason tournament. Team registration only. However, you may sign up as a free agent and will be contacted if any teams are looking for additional players. 37200-01 June 7-Aug. 16 W/6:00-8:00 pm $665 RORC Adult 50+ Softball 12” 50 years & older This is for a player looking for some friendly competition and some exercise. Players will have an hour of batting practice before each game. Teams will be split up as evenly as possible. Can’t make all the dates? Don’t worry, your fee is for the entire year. For more info, contact Shane 847-428-7131 x2206 or email at 37010-01 May 1-Oct.20 M,W,F/9:00 am-12:00 pm $41 RORC 55 years & older You are invited to play 16” softball with a friendly, fun-lov ing group. This is just for fun, like at a family picnic. Ladies are invited, too. No prizes, no awards, just fun. Haven’t played in fifty years? Can’t judge a fly ball? Can’t throw very far? Who cares! Join us for a little fresh air, exercise and a few laughs. For information, call Shane 847-428-7131 x2206 or Linda 847-638-6215. 37099-00 May 6-Oct.20 M,W,F/9:00 am-12:00 pm $26 LP Co-Ed Softball 16” Adult Leagues

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