Summer Guide 2023


Minecraft Engineering using LEGO® Materials 5-7 years Venture into the world of Minecraft in our unique LEGO® expe rience. Get ready to build your base, craft your tools, use your Minecart to harvest raw resources and battle to stop the Ender Dragon from ending the world. Come explore the endless pos sibilities of LEGO® with a trained Play-Well Instructor. Contractual 34164-00 June 26-30 M-F/9:00 am-12:00 pm $195(R)/$215(NR) RA Video Games Unplugged using LEGO® Materials 5-7 years Level up your LEGO® Engineering skills in this video game-in spired experience. Using LEGO®, learn Link’s signature moves to defeat enemies, build mechanisms to make sonic spin and take out Robotnik, and even build go-karts to challenge Mario and friends in a race for the Mushroom Cup. All the fun of a video game adventure without the screen! Contractual 34166-00 July 31-August 4 M-F/9:00 am-12:00 pm $195(R)/$215(NR) RA

Violin Lessons 3-18 years Instruction focuses on confidence, discipline, hand-eye co ordination, concentration, memory, tone, and offers a fun, well-rounded and in-depth learning experience. Our teaching method introduces the violin to young children from the first lesson. Violin rentals are available at $25/month. Time slots for lessons will be assigned after enrollment. Ages 3-6 years parent must be present. Contractual Group 34240-00 June 6-July 18* Tu/3:00-7:30 pm $215(R)/$235(NR) RA 34240-01 July 25-Aug. 29 Tu/3:00-7:30 pm $215(R)/$235(NR) RA Private Beginner 34240-02 June 6-July 18* Tu/3:00-7:30 pm $260(R)/$280(NR) RA 34240-03 July 25-Aug. 29 Tu/3:00-7:30 pm $260(R)/$280(NR) RA Private Intermediate 34240-04 June 6-July 18* Tu/3:00-7:30 pm $300(R)/$320(NR) RA 34240-05 July 25-Aug. 29 Tu/3:00-7:30 pm $300(R)/$320(NR) RA Private Advanced 34240-06 June 6-July 18* Tu/3:00-7:30 pm $345(R)/$365(NR) RA 34240-07 July 25-Aug. 29 Tu/3:00-7:30 pm $345(R)/$365(NR) RA *No Class: 7/4 Little Veterinarian School Dog Camp 4-11 years Camp participants will role-play the key responsibilities of a veterinarian and learn how to care for a dog. These future veterinarians will learn how to remove ticks, perform a nose-to-tail exam, understand proper animal nutrition and hydration, suture lacerations and more! Contractual

Online Magic Class 5-12 years Professional magician Gary Kantor teaches children how to perform a number of mind-boggling tricks using everyday household items. Gary will start by explaining the secrets to the tricks, and then both Gary and the children will practice everything in great detail. The children will learn exactly what to say and do when performing in front of an audience. Be sure to sign up for this class again since new tricks are taught each session. (After you register, you will be emailed a link with the household items that are needed for the class.) Contractual 34183-00 June 5-30 45-Minute Video $13(R)/$23(NR) Virtual 34183-01 July 3-28 45-Minute Video $13(R)/$23(NR) Virtual

Ages 4-6 34200-00 Ages 6-11 34200-01

July 24-28

M-F/9:00 am-12:00 pm $293(R)/$313(NR)


July 24-28

M-F/1:00-4:00 pm



Kids Cooking Camp 4-12 years Each week we will make a different recipe (banana foster french toast, hot chocolate bombs, pizza, cake pops, holiday favorites, and Nigerian Meat Pie). All participants will be provided an in gredient kit, and a recipe card. New recipes are offered at each camp session. Contractual 34215-02 July 17-31 M/5:00-5:45 pm $124(R)/$144(NR) RA 34215-03 July 17-31 M/6:20- 7:05pm $124(R)/$144(NR) RA

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